Other Services

I provide solutions in the areas of Information Technology and Communication, integrating resources, technologies, products and services reliably and efficiently, using procedures and project management techniques to increase profitability, effectiveness and efficiency in the operation of the systems.

ITC Project Management – Techs Project Management using standard methodologies to achieve specific goals on-time and within budget.
Technical Consulting – Customer service focused to understand the requirements and to ensure that every one of these needs is met, providing technical guidance to the business.
Quality Control – Review the quality of all factors involved in IT System: technical elements, working processes, human knowledge, …
Security Analysis – Examination and evaluation of the various factors affecting the value of a security for the System.
Strategic Planning – Defining the IT Strategy in short and log terms in order to determine the direction of the organization.
Processes Design – Determining the workflow, equipment needs, and implementation requirements for a particular process, using process simulation software.
ERP and CRM Systems Implementation – System analysis to choose the features needed in choosing ERP or CRM tools for managing the business.
Data Warehouse Design – Support business decisions by collecting, consolidating, and organizing data for reporting and analysis with tools such as data mining.
Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning – Analysis of the potential risks to the system and the definition of a roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions.
Adecuacy to Data Protection Act – Identification of the actions necessary to adapt of the company to the Data Protection Act.
Information Technology Audit – External audit to review the mechanisms of control and determine whether they are adequate and meet business objectives.
Technical Training – Training for employees of the company in order to have the necessary knowledge to perform computing tasks entrusted.