Preparation of reports, certificates and expert evidences for official, public and private organizations; analysing the technical aspects of the issues raised by our clients; providing knowledge and expertise in the computer consulting with the legal counsel; processing and developing both judicial and extrajudicial expert opinions; participating and ratifying in court with all the guarantees. The requests received will be performed with the highest professionalism and with an accredited training in legal and technical knowledge. Your legal counsel will be supported by a technical expert who will provide digital evidence and clarification of the cause of the procedure. Our arguments are expressed in an objective and independent manner, providing a clear and concise report and, if necessary, defend it in the Court or in the Court of Arbitration. The most demanded requests are the next:

Emails verification
Files validation
Software Development validation
Adversary expert’s report

Professional Member No 262 of the Colegio Profesional de Ingenieros Informáticos de la Comunidad de Madrid