Some examples from my portfolio of projects.

  • Cargo iQ

    Cargo iQ is an IATA interest group with the mission of creating and implementing quality standards for the worldwide air cargo industry. My role is Project Manager for IAG Cargo as Cargo iQ member using an in-house CDMP system, and the attendance of the biannual Working Groups celebrated around the world as IAG Cargo representative. The target is to develop a system of shipment planning and performance monitoring for air cargo based on common business processes and milestones. As part of that system, the Master Operating Plan (MOP) describes the standard end-to-end process of transporting air cargo.

  • RECUA (I+D+i)

    The project objective is be able to diagnose performance in Hard Drive Disks to guaranteed the recycling processes. As Project Manager's mission was to create a software that could test those drive capacities that are critical to determining its operating status. The development of this product was performed by integrating company's existing products (EraseIT, RecycleIT, SmartCheck). For the closing processes was required travel to Brazil for putting it onto service on the premises of the customer.

  • RDDES (I+D+i)

    The objective of the project is to create a prototype that allows data recovery in electronic storage devices with no moving parts, based on NAND flash technology. My role as Project Manager was able to realize the processes required to perform this service in the company. Since the service was nonexistent until now, there was a high Research component complicating the planning processes. My goal as Project Manager was to get the project with particular attention to risk management. Expert judgment like technique in the Project Integration process was appreciated.

  • LabNet (Toshiba)

    The project objective was to connect the ToshibaRecovery Labs IT systems for the provision of data recovery service. The scope of the project was a daemon to catch the data recovery orders issued from the Toshiba's ERP (weblord) and created it in the Recovery Labs ERP. For the product development was necessary to create in our systema a "clone" of the Toshiba's ERP web interface for testing and scope verification due to the necessary two-way communication system.

  • EraseIT (Common Criteria)

    The Project objetive is to secure erase of the information stored on an electronic device. The scope of the project was performing a software application that using the overwriting make impossible the retrieval of information previously stored on it. The scope included obtaining the certification "Common Criteria" for the delivered product, so as Project Manager I had special attention on the Project Quality Management area to obtain a high level of quality in the security features of the project.

  • Demand Management (RedSýs)

    The objective of the project is an application for managing the requests arriving from the banking customers. The Project Scope was to bring a product that allows full visibility and control of all the demands (processes, activities, documents, data, people and communication involved) managed according to the business rules of the company. The project was developed on the customer's premises, which facilitared communication with all stakeholders involved to improve the monitoring and control processes.

  • Asbestos Control

    The project objetive is to manage the elements containing asbestos in the process of removal buildings materials. This process is critical due to the manipulation of this product is dangerous for health. The scope of the project consisted of a software application that store in a database all information relating to asbestos containing materials (location, dimensions, images, manipulation process). Finishing the planning phase, due to financial problems of the client, the project was canceled and closed without delivery the final product.

  • Headquarter Movement (ITC subproject)

    The project objective was to move the headquarter of the company from Spain to Netherlands. The scope of the project was to move the entire ITC system from Malaga to Amsterdam maintaining the service availability during all the process. In this project was very important the Plan Communications to meet the expectations of the company's internal stakeholders and external suppliers at both countries. As project manager I had to make frequent trips to both locations and use frequently audio conferences and others remote communication methods to distribute information.